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A Knowing Hand : 196k

A Gentle Touch : 202kb

Safe Haven : 113kb

A Hand In Fate : 744kb

Heart Of The Mind : 396kb

Money For Souls : 377kb

Alone Inside : 307kb

Vengeance From The Past : 273kb

Secrets In The Dark : 95.5kb

Almost Gone : 106kb

Horizon Of Thought : 289kb

Mind Games : 144kb

Three Minds One Heart : 441kb

Memory's Echo : 215kb

The Seed That Grows : 399kb

Heart Song : 380kb

Two Miles To Nowhere : 110kb

A Hill Too High : 355kb

Fight For Love : 417kb

Emotions Left Unsaid : 254kb

A Call To Love: 783kb

Across The Void :651kb

Satisfaction of Wanting:896kb

Tenderness Of Bravery:962kb

The Dichotomy of the Heart 1Meg+

In Search of Hope 2 Meg

The Lazarus Dilemma 1.5Meg

Confessions from the edge 848Kb



Love in the Abstract 532Kb

Love through the Angst 443Kb

Echoes from the past 529Kb

Missing 887Kb

Seeking Solace 91Kb

Struggle for life 849Kb

The Essence of Anger 325KbWARNING!
This is a very dark story. It contains gratuitous violence and the death of a main character. This is NOT a 'happy' story.

Two is more than Half 733Kb (NEW)